The Himalayas, Tanzania, South Asia, India and its sub-continents, China, and Mongolia are just a few of the places where Base Camp Trip offers a wide variety of adventure travel and vacations. We provide a wide range of excursions, including Cultural and Leisure Tours, Trekking and Walking Vacations, Wildlife Tours, and Climbing and expeditions in the Ice and Snowy Mountains.

It is imperative to ensure that our clients are covered against all costs that could result from health problems, accidents, flight cancellations, and trip cancellations (due to pandemic, regional epidemic, political disturbances, and protests, as well as natural calamities) while on any type of vacation. As a result, purchasing travel insurance is a crucial step to take before starting any kind of journey with us. Nevertheless, the insurance coverage varies depending on the type of trip package. 

Therefore, in order to have a stress-free trip and save money on the expense of emergency care and evacuation, we highly advise travel insurance to everyone who registers with Base Camp Trip. Additionally, we advise you to exercise extra caution while selecting coverage because certain insurance providers have unique exclusions for adventurous travel. Make sure your insurer is aware of your planned Base Camp Trip itinerary and is willing to cover all activities engaged in during the trip before purchasing insurance. 

For instance, if you intend to travel, climb, or go on an excursion in the Himalayas, your insurance must cover medical costs associated with an emergency air ambulance or helicopter rescue. Although it is preferable to carry them with you, air ambulance or helicopter rescue insurance is not required for group tours in urban areas. Again, since helicopter rescue is not an option for visits to Tibet, purchasing air ambulance coverage is not necessary. Check your insurance coverage carefully as well to ensure that trip cancellation is covered as all payments for deposits are non-refundable.

Insurance for Culture and Leisure Tours

Culture and Leisure Tours usually do not involve travelling to risky zones or high altitudes; thus, they do not require advanced travel insurance. However, it is necessary to have insurance covering medical issues, pandemics, epidemics, flight cancellations, and trip cancellation issues for these tours.

Trekking and Walking Holidays

For trekking and walking holidays, the difficulty and risk level vary according to the region, altitude, and mountain terrain, some of which might pose a high risk to life. You might need an emergency evacuation in areas where roads and hospitals are not accessible. Therefore, while purchasing insurance, you must inform your insurance company about the maximum altitude you will be trekking to for these trips. Accordingly, your insurance company will cover emergency searches, evacuations, and medical issues. Also, don’t forget to include trip cancellation in the insurance coverage. Before buying your insurance policy, please contact one of our travel consultants for more details. 

Climbing & Expedition

Climbing and Expedition trips are the riskiest of all the trips. You will be climbing with ropes on ice and snow on the mountain cliffs, and there is a high risk of fatality. For climbing and expedition trips, it is required to purchase advanced rescue insurance, whose premium is a bit higher. Insurance companies offer policies based on the altitude that you will be climbing during your trip. Remember, search and rescue, and advanced medical insurance are compulsory for your climbing and expedition trips with us.

You need to send us a copy of your insurance policy details beforehand or bring it on your arrival for the trip. If you are unable to present the insurance required for a  trip, then, considering your safety, we might have to cancel the trip.  

Recommended Travel Insurance Companies


Travelex Insurance

World nomads /Tripmate USA

Travel Safe Insurance

AXA Travel Insurance

Travel Insured International

Allianz Travel Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Travel Guard


RBC Travel Insurance 

TuGo Travel Insurance

Can Assistance

TIC Travel Insurance


InsureandGo Travel Insurance (UK, Spain)

Virgin Travel Insurance (UK)

Post Office (UK)

Europ Assistance (All European)

Allianz Travel Insurance (Germany, Switzerland) 

Uniqa Insurance (Austria)

Dog Tag Insurance (UK)

Asia & Middle East

Clal Insurance (Israel)

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance (Japan)

Life Card Travel Insurance (Japan)

Sompo Insurance (Japan)

Australia/ New Zealand 

International SOS

Allianz Travel Insurance

QBE Travel Insurance

Budget Direct Travel Insurance

1 Cover Travel Insurance (New Zealand)

Lastly, Base Camp Trip is a travel and adventure company that consistently provides its customers with the greatest travel and adventure packages. We only make recommendations for our clients' convenience. These suggestions are based on the preferences and historical experiences of our customers. You are able to choose the insurance provider that offers the necessary coverage. Choose the option that is ideal for you without hesitation.