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Basecamp Trip Team

We are a team of professionals who share a common devotion to the outdoors and are committed to world travel.

President Director

Ashok Adhikari

Ashok Adhikari is the President Director and Founder of of Base Camp Trip Pvt Ltd. He has such plenty of experiences Trekking and Tour Business in Nepal. His Management and Business Stratetic Thinking has lead him to have more innovations and ideas on how to improve the business from time to time. His Interpersonal Communication Skill and Friendly manner are very well welcomed by our most international clients. After more than 10 years in trekking and tour field, Ashok is putting himself ready to establish a new business strategy to attract more clients to visit Nepal.

Managing Director

Lina Tarigan

Lina Tarigan is the Managing Director and Founder of Base Camp Trip Pvt Ltd. Lina plays the important role in the organization and will be responsible for the overall success of the business. She has strong capabilities and competencies in dealing with international clients throughout the world and has lots of experiences in travelling to numerous destinations in Himalayan Mountain Ranges and well known about Market Demand for people who plan to explore Himalaya and other destinations in Nepal, TIbet, Bhutan, India, Vietnam and other trip destinations. Lina has specific strategic business management skills which integrates extensive market knowledge to develop client prospects into sales with excellent customer best service approach.

Regional Marketing Manager

Le Tran Dien Truc

Le Tran Dien Truc is the Regional Marketing Manager. Truc Lee works in large corporations with Clients in Vietnam and other part of Asia Regions. With her tactical knowledge and skills in Marketing Strategy, She is responsible for developing sales & Marketing of our Base Camp Trip Pvt Ltd Company to be more well-known and identified as one of the best trekking & tour company by making excellent consumer approach and best strategy within the Asian Countries

IT & Digital Marketing Supervisor

Novia Ajrin

Novia Ajrin who frequently called Novi is a smart & skillfull lady who has very strong competency and capability in almost all IT Technology. Novi has responsibility in driving our company brand awereness and lead generation through digital channels. She is very experienced in this assignment and has tasks to create, post, update content, monitor, handle social media interactions and campaign. She also manages the issues related to our company websites and all digital related issues. Her quick learning & tactical thinking has helped her alot to give more helfpul contribution to reach our clients at proper segment.

Finance & Administration Staff

Rizki Intan Rijani

Rizki Intan Rijani (Kiki) is our Finance & Administration Staff. Kiki has responsibility for all financial tasks, processing invoices, payroll, maintaining digital records of financial documents. She is also responsible for making financial analysis and report on monthly basis to Company Management. She has strong digital skills to operate all software and business technology in the company. Her more than 6 years experience in this field has led her very tactical in handling all communications to our Clients too.

Trekking Leader

Santosh Timalsina

Santosh Timalsina is a professional and excellent trekking Guide Leader. Santosh has more than 10 years experience in the Himalaya trekking field. He has and abundance of trekking Competence, Communication skills, very friendly, charisma, charm and a great sense of humour. He was one of the Everest Basecamp Marathoner who has good fitness and ability to handle the mountains' hardship and discomforts. Handling clients at his best is his strength. His excellence is storytelling ability and organization skills have make all clients are very happy and satisfied with our service with him